N-grams data

The n-grams are available in a number of different formats. When you purchase the data, you can download any of these formats. The numbers for 2-grams through 5-grams shows the number of n-grams (in millions).




3-grams 4-grams 5-grams Academic price Non-academic



8.2 m

16.3 m 13.1 m 6.2 m $195 $395


Words+  + part of speech

11.6 m

28.5 m 28.2 m 17.4 m


Database: integer values + lexicon

13.5 m

18.9 m 27.1 m 16.2 m

To purchase the data:

1. Download and fill out the appropriate non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by clicking on one of the links in the blue sections above, and then send it back to us as an email attachment. For the academic license, the NDA must be sent back from a university email account, and you must include on the license agreement a link to a web page at your university, which shows that you work or study at the university.

2. Once we receive the NDA, we'll send you a request for payment from PayPal.

3. As soon as we receive confirmation of the payment, we'll send you the link to download the data.

Thanks for your interest.